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Fondazione Nerina e Mario Mattioli Onlus


Since 1981, the Oncology Department of the Mario Negri Institute IRCCS has promoted a strong collaboration between researchers and physicians in the field of gynaecological oncology.
Since 1995, the Nerina and Mario Mattioli Onlus Foundation has contributed to support this inter-disciplinary collaboration promoting the rapid transfer of knowledge between laboratory and clinic, in order to obtain benefits for all patients affected by gynaecological tumors.
This long collaboration started with the Gynaecological Oncology Unit of the Monza Hospital (Obstetrics and Gynaecological Clinic of the University of Milan-Bicocca) and continues over the years also with the Sant’Anna Hospital in Torino, the Civil Hospitals of Brescia, the Gemelli Polyclinic in Roma, the European Institute of Oncology and the National Cancer Institute in Milano. More recently, an important network of clinicians belonging to the Mango group, Mario Negri Gynaecologic Oncology Group, is established.
The results of these collaborations are numerous research projects – experimental, clinical and epidemiological – at national and international level. The Foundation supports also the active involving of citizens and patients in health issues conveying correct and transparent information.
Over the years, research has focused particularly on ovarian cancers, which represent the sixth most common type of cancer in European women and the leading cause of cancer death in the female genital area.

The scope of the foundation

The Foundation’s activities are focused on:

  • the study of the biological and biochemical properties of tumors of gynaecological tumors, in particular of ovarian tumors
  • the knowledge on the mechanisms that lead to the onset and development of these tumors
  • the development and maintenance of one of the major ovarian cancer bio-banks
  • the development of new therapeutic strategies directed to increase efficacy and decrease toxicity, thus increasing the quality of life of women
  • the promotion of national and international collaborations
  • the dissemination of correct information on these issues

What the foundation does: research and training

The Nerina and Mario Mattioli Onlus Foundation supports research programs for gynaecological cancers, in particular those of the ovary and promotes, through scholarships, the training of young researchers and clinicians.
The Foundation promotes the exchange between researchers and clinicians from different institutions and countries by organizing specific meetings of experts on topics related to gynaecological tumors.
The Foundation promotes transparent information on the research activity and on the results obtained, through the constant updating of its website and through research.

What the foundation does: results obtained

Thanks to the Foundation, several research projects – both in pre-clinical experimental models and in clinical practice – have been developed aimed at improving knowledge on the biology of gynaecological tumors and identifying new drugs and more effective combinations.
More than 90 peer-reviewed scientific articles published in prestigious international journals document the results obtained (PDF attached list in order of year).


Founder Prof. Giuseppe Mattioli
Honorary President Prof. Costantino Mangioni
President Dott.ssa Paola Mosconi
Scientific Secretary Dott. Maurizio D’Incalci
Auditor Dott. Riccardo Sclavi
Secretariat Sig.ra Maura Montani


Department of Oncology
Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS
Via Mario Negri 2 – 20156 Milano
Tel 02 39014473 – Fax 02 39014734


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